Draka Releases Bend-Insensitive Fibres Guide

Draka Releases Guide To Bend Insensitive Fibres

Draka, a brand of Prysmian Group, has announced the arrival of a comprehensive new technology guide: ‘Bend-Insensitive Fibres: a key component of future-proof networks.

Bend-insensitive single mode fibres (ITU-T G.657.A1 and G.657.A2) are the only fibres capable of securing the whole fibre spectrum, especially at the longer wavelengths (1625 nm and above), by minimising losses linked to macro and micro bends. These fibres enable the development of extreme fibre count and reduced diameter cabling solutions, to help meet today’s demand for the highest bandwidth capacity in duct installations.

Each fibre optic cable within the Draka Universal Cabling System comes in a range of bend-insensitive fibres, manufactured in Draka’s European factories, that provide the necessary standard of cable density, and support the necessary fibre spectrum demanded by new PON technologies. BendBright fibres support the full use of transmission bands, covering the entire wavelength spectrum, from 1260 nm to 1625 nm for data transmission, and up to 1675 nm for network monitoring.

The new Draka Bend-Insensitive Fibres guide looks at the evolution of network systems and puts the case for bend insensitive fibre – in particular, G.657.A2 – as being the unique answer to securing future systems, enabling the most potential to be gained from deployed networks.

The guide provides a brief explanation of the types of bend-insensitivity before moving on to look at the latest developments in fibre coatings which virtually erase problems associated with bending, whilst also significantly reducing cable diameters and achieving high fibre density.

A key focus of the guide is on the range of benefits bend-insensitive fibres bring. For manufacturers, and ultimately customers, bend-insensitive fibres provide a greater scope for product design and cabling solutions. For installers, installation is easier and smaller connectivity devices can be used to save space. 

For network owners, using bend-insensitive fibre has considerable financial benefits, with optimised total cost of ownership and OPEX savings as a result of easier installation and robustness.  Ultimately, latest generation bend-insensitive fibres help future-proof higher capacity networks.

To download a copy of ‘Bend-Insensitive Fibres: a key component of future-proof networks’, click here.


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