Drayton launches The Heating Efficiency Podcast

Drayton has launched The Heating Efficiency Podcast. The new show is hosted by Clare@Drayton, who will be joined by industry experts to discuss various topics surrounding heating system efficiency.

Season one of The Heating Efficiency Podcast will air between January and May 2023, with a new episode every other Wednesday. Each episode will discuss different ways to optimise heating systems, covering topics such as system balancing, heat loss calculations, low boiler flow temperatures, heat pumps, water quality and more.

The content comes from Drayton’s successful 2022 Facebook Live sessions, previously only available to members of The Drayton Community. Each episode will include expert opinions and advice from the likes of Richard Burrows from Mid Wales Plumbing & Heating Supplies; The Heating Hub’s Founder Jo Alsop; Kimbo Betty, owner of Heating Academy Northampton and Rob Berridge of Rob Berridge Heating Design Consultancy, with the bi-weekly instalments running for up to an hour for a detailed round up of the hottest topics in heating.

Now live on Spotify and Amazon Music, the first episode of the new podcast – ‘How Low Flow Temperatures Can Help Reduce Energy Waste’ – features expert commentary from Richard Burrows, Rob Berridge, Kimbo Betty, Paul Hull and Jo Alsop.

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