Norway’s number one EV charging company seeks talent for expansion

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Easee, the company behind ‘the world’s smartest EV charging robot’, is recruiting for a number of new roles following an organisational restructure designed to prepare the business for a period of rapid UK growth, and expansion into new global markets.

Easee was founded in Norway, where it already accounts for one in every two domestic EV chargers. Effie Vraka, previously Head of UK Operations, has been promoted to UK Country Director, while Alan O’Donnell, who was Country Director, has been promoted to take a global role as Technical Director, New Markets. Easee has also taken on a new Head of Sales and Marketing, Christian Georgeson, in a bid to take the company’s mission to a wider audience.

Easee is recruiting for two new teams in the UK, Sustainable Operations and Integrations Taskforce. The Sustainable Operations team will support Easee’s increased focus on sustainability throughout the supply chain and production process, and the Integrations Taskforce will focus on developing new EV charging solutions and services using Easee’s open API.

The recruitment drive offers an opportunity to join a company that genuinely sees the wellbeing of its staff as crucial to the success of its mission. Effie Vraka says: “At Easee, employee wellbeing and sustainability isn’t something we talk about and then forget – it’s built into our business model. Our organisational culture is based on openness, honesty, transparency, vulnerability, love, and humility. As we grow, our number one priority is to remain true to these values. To demonstrate our commitment, our CEO recently changed his title into Chief Caretaker.”

The Easee Charging Robot is designed to enable developers to install EV charging infrastructure quickly and easily. Alan O’Donnell explains: “With continuing innovation and success across multiple territories we have received great demand from both new geographies and segments. To meet these demands we are focusing resources and developing new roles and new Easee products to take our innovations to more people, in more sectors, in more geographies.”

Due to its success in Norway, Easee is confident that its electric vehicle charging solution will play a big role in helping the UK prepare for the 2035 ban on the sale of petrol and diesel cars. Christian Georgeson says: “Our organisational re-structure is designed to prepare us for rapid growth in the UK. We are already market leaders in Norway – which has the highest density of EVs in the world. We would like to achieve the same in the UK. When people think EV charging, we want them to think ‘Easee’. We have a lot of new and exciting role openings soon, so keep checking our site or subscribe to our careers page to make sure you don’t miss out.”

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