EasiLume makes LED easy with new finance option

EasiLume’s finance, offered in partnership with Siemens, makes switching to LED manageable and affordable by offsetting the monthly payments against the expected savings – so the project pays for itself.  

‘Most people now know the energy saving benefits of LED lighting,’ said Stuart Dixon, EasiLume head of sales. ‘But the upfront cost of switching is sometimes enough to put people off. Our finance makes the project cash positive from day one because the repayments are offset against energy efficiency savings. But LEDs also save money on maintenance and increase staff productivity.’

Investing in energy efficient products, such as LED lighting, will soon need to be a top priority for large businesses. As of July 2014, under the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme, organisations with over 250 employees must conduct regular energy audits to identify areas where savings could be made.

To find out more about EasiLume’s finance options visit: www.EasiLume.com

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