Easy Safety Cert On Apps That Can Help Optimise Your Business  


Bianca Dainty, director of Easy Safety Cert, gives ECN the low down on the best Apps to help optimise business. Easy Safety Cert provides electricians with an iOS App for creating and emailing PAT certificates on the go saving electricians both time and money when it comes to PAT testing paperwork. 

Whether a business is just starting out or has been going for years, ensuring it’s run efficiently is key to maximising time and profit. A busy electrician has limited time for an endless stream of paperwork and needs to focus on maximising revenue. With almost 70% of UK small businesses relying on mobile Apps, now is the time to switch to a paperless way of working.

So, how can a business be efficient and paper free? In a world of Apps and online software for almost anything it’s easier than ever to utilise a range of virtual tools and use them to a businesses advantage. Here we look at some of the leading online tools to help run an efficient business.

unknown-1Online invoicing

Xero is an online invoicing software system which is also available on iOS and Android. Business owners can run their business on the go from anywhere by creating and sending invoices directly to customers, create quotes in seconds, reconcile bank transactions, manage payroll, pay bills, accept payments and much more. Not only does Xero provide endless features it also allows the sending of professional paperwork in a matter of seconds and manages all invoicing, payments, quotes and expenses in one place.


Instead of waiting for or chasing outstanding payments, customers can now pay instantly, as soon as the job is done with PayPal Here. The card reader works alongside the PayPal iOS and Android App so card and contactless payments can be accepted on site.


Social media now plays an important role in how businesses stay in touch with customers and the industry. While building an online profile, it’s critical to keep on top of regular social media updates. Hootsuite allows owners to schedule Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin updates from one App. Social media can be planned in advance and updates scheduled throughout the day.

Rated People

The key to profit is regular work and with Rated People it is possible to find quality work from customers in an instant. Using the Rated People website, iOS and Android App, work from customers in the local area can be found in a few quick steps. This ensures a busy diary throughout the year and maximised profits.

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