ECA launches renewables and microgeneration e-forum for M&E contractors

ECA launches renewables and microgeneration e-forum for M&E contractors

The Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) has launched an e-forum for M&E contractors who want to keep up to date and share their questions and expertise in the area of microgeneration and renewables.

Paul Reeve, head of safety and environment at the ECA, said, ‘The e-forum has already proved to be a powerful tool for discussing policy and practice across the full range of renewable and low carbon measures. Since we launched the forum in mid-September, over 200 Registered Members have joined. Both members, and the ECA team, are learning daily from each other’s experience and expertise.

‘The forum offers the opportunity for virtually real time comment and discussion,’ added Reeve. ‘When a member posts a question, such as how do they assess the PV market due to the uncertainty created by government changing the Feed-in Tariff policy, or what is the best approach to work with the distribution network operator (DNO) on PV system connection agreements, they often get practical answers from ECA and fellow contractors within minutes.’

Reeve concluded, ‘The new forum is part of our ongoing commitment to ensure ECA members are well placed to win work in this growing area of activity. But it is also a vehicle for the ECA to both update and consult members about policy measures. For example, we have kept members informed about the new Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for commercial microgeneration heating. This was due to launch on 30th September, but was delayed at the last minute. Therefore, we  announced the launch delay to members. We have also been able to ask them what features of the RHI they need to know most about.’

The renewables and microgeneration e-forum is open exclusively to ECA Registered Members.

ECA Registered Members who would like to know how to join the forum and get involved can e-mail, quoting their membership number.  Non-members may also enquire about ECA’s growing range of Energy Solutions services, via this email address.


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