ECA urges government to tackle EV charger point ‘postcode lottery’

Postcode lottery

The ECA is calling on the government and local authorities in Britain to urgently address the postcode lottery of public charging points, and for urgent investment in a nationwide charge point network to keep pace with the growing number of electric vehicles on our roads.

Annual car sales data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) show more electric cars were registered in 2021 than in the previous five years combined.

Meanwhile, data gathered by ECA via a Freedom of Information request in late 2021 revealed over half (52%) of local authorities in the UK said electric vehicle charge points (EVCPs) are prohibitively expensive to install, and almost two thirds (66%) of local authorities do not have any plans to roll out EVCPs at all.

While some local authorities in London and the South East have invested heavily in EVCP infrastructure, many others across the country, including Wales and the North, do not have enough EVCPs to support the booming EV industry.

ECA CEO Steve Bratt says: “Electric vehicles continue to pull ahead as the front runner for the future of UK transport, as we make the journey to net zero carbon. The electrotechnical industry has the people with the skills to make the transition to net zero a reality, but that can’t happen without financial backing from the government.”

ECA Energy Solutions Advisor Luke Osborne comments, “Too many local authorities are still lagging when it comes to providing the necessary infrastructure to support the astronomical rise in the number of EVs on the road.

“We need much more investment in our national electric vehicle charging infrastructure, immediately. We are in the middle of an automotive revolution, during a global pandemic no less, but we risk being left in the dust of other developed nations.

“Not only could this have serious ramifications for the economy, but vital jobs and the future of the environment could also be at risk.”

ECA is closely involved with industry groups looking at the skills, knowledge and experience needed to achieve the UK’s electrification agenda. Together with bodies including Actuate UK, it is working to ensure that the road to net zero carbon is achieved without compromising on safety and quality.

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