ECS Check system now available in Northern Ireland

The Electrotechnical Certification Scheme’s ECS Check system is now operational and approved as a pilot that meets the Licence to Practise (LtP) requirements on government public sector construction contracts in Northern Ireland.

ECS Check is recognised by the Northern Ireland Government as meeting procurement guidance note 01-16, and electrical contractors can now meet their LtP requirements free of charge. The ECS Check system also offers value-added benefits to help improve visibility and productivity.

ECS Check will quickly display details of qualified electricians, other electrical workers and apprentices employed on multiple projects. Employees who don’t hold an ECS card can easily apply online, or employers can use the ECS Employer Portal system to manage the ECS cards of employees. For details on how to apply, visit

To use ECS Check, all the user needs to do is simply make a request (to the main contractor or project originator) that ECS Check is used to comply with the LtP requirement under PNG 01-16. If the user is already using the Employer Portal, this function will be added to their account.

ECS Check offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Free access
  • An easy to use e-portal
  • Visibility of workforce employed on-site
  • Multi-site visibility
  • A single portal to access all projects in Northern Ireland, England and Wales
  • A smartphone app enabled for real-time on-site auditing
  • The ability to verify/validate ECS Cards issued by the JIB

To find out more about ECS Check, visit

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