ECS now recognised for QS applications

ECS scheme

ECS has been referenced as part of the latest update to the Qualifications Guide for Qualified Supervisors with Electrotechnical Certification and Competent Persons Schemes, positioning the ECS Gold card as a quick and simple method of evidencing the standards achieved by an installation or maintenance electrician. This means your ECS Gold card can now be recognised as evidencing the qualification requirements for Qualifying Supervisor (QS) and electrical inspector status, further enhancing the value of your ECS card.

Certification and Registration Bodies undertaking the assessment of enterprises carrying out electrotechnical work use a document called the Electrotechnical Assessment Specification (EAS), which sets the minimum requirements for the enterprise (e.g. a contractor) to be recognised as competent to undertake this work. These organisations are known as certification and registration bodies and competent persons schemes. The EAS includes the Minimum Technical Competence requirements for enterprises to be considered competent to carry out electrotechnical work including work in dwellings in accordance with Part P of the Building Regulations in England and Wales.

A qualifications guide has been developed under the direction of the EAS Management Committee to set out the requirements for qualified supervisors and persons carrying out electrical inspection and testing. Table 4A of the guide defines the application routes for persons who undertake electrotechnical work, in order to apply to become a QS. Tables 4B to 4F list the relevant routes for each work category and specify the accepted qualifications.

There have been a number of updates to the qualifications referenced in Tables 4B to 4F. These may now be evidenced by the individual providing their valid ECS card. This will provide an easy to reference system for recognition given the availability of ECS Check, CSCS smart check apps and digital platforms for verifying ECS cards which all demonstrate the competency requirements which sit behind the Gold card. ECS systems can verify if an individual’s qualifications are sufficient when qualification certificates are inaccessible or unavailable.

A current, in date ECS Registered Electrician Gold card with the occupation of Installation or Maintenance Electrician, which will show the relevant version of BS7671, should typically be sufficient to demonstrate the qualification requirements in Tables 4B to 4E. A grading of Approved Electrician may be sufficient to demonstrate compliance with the qualification requirements of Table 4F.

Paul Collins, Head of Technical Services for Certsure, and Chair of the EAS Management Committee explains, “The EAS qualifications guide continues to develop to become the most comprehensive and recognised list of qualifications accepted by certification and registration bodies, and as Chair of EAS I am really pleased to see the EAS Management committee and industry stakeholders working together to provide clarity and advice on what qualifications are acceptable to electrotechnical scheme operators in the UK.”

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