EEIBA rebranded as The Electrical Industries Charity

Jill Nadolski, operations manager, said, ‘There was a clear case for change. Market research conducted in 2012 showed that the EEIBA brand did little to convey the charity’s purpose. We needed something that people would understand instantly and an image that says we are an energising force that connects with people.’

The charity’s rebrand is the first part of a wider strategic plan to build its position at the heart of helping the industries support their own people.
Pauline Cooke, president of the council and chairman of trustees, commented, ‘The Electrical Industries Charity delivers the practical support people need to get back on their feet. Supporting the wellbeing of people in our industries is actually good for business.’

Newly appointed business development manager Rolanda Reid added, ‘Our purpose is helping people, not making a profit, so all our charitable services are free. In order to sustain these services now and into the future, the Electrical Industries Charity must raise funds. I will be talking to companies and businesses throughout the UK to see what we can do together.’

The charity has also rebranded its website and refreshed its social media.

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