Electrical Safety First finds ‘YouTube DIYers’ at risk

Currently, there are over three million YouTube videos that feature DIY in the home, so it’s no surprise that people are relying on the internet for this kind of information, rather than seeking professional advice.

But Electrical Safety First also discovered that around one in 12 had caused significant damage to their property, or had to pay for costly repairs because of botched DIY, after following advice found online. And relying on such information can have other risks – 10 per cent of those surveyed experienced an electric shock while undertaking electrical DIY and over a quarter have come across unhelpful (or even incorrect) instructions online.

‘Undoubtedly, there are some DIY jobs which people can do themselves but electrical work really should be left to the professionals,’ explains Phil Buckle, director general of Electrical Safety First. ‘We found that fitting a new bathroom or rewiring a house are among the top five electrical jobs that adults would feel able to carry out when following online advice. Yet these are complicated tasks that by law should be carried out, or checked, by a registered electrician.’

To highlight why you shouldn’t take risks with electricity, the Charity has developed a number of mock ’how to’ videos which cut to the serious message of always using a registered electrician.

‘While the internet is a great resource, it is no substitute for the real thing – a professional with the depth of knowledge and experience who can ensure the job gets done properly and safely,’ adds Phil.

To see the spoof videos with a serious message, visit: www.electricalsafetyfirst.org.uk/DIY

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