Technique Learning Solutions offers new electrical courses

Electrical courses

Technique Learning Solutions currently offers a wide range of courses and has recently added four new electrical courses to its offering.

These new courses include City & Guilds 2365 level two and three, and the AM2 assessment. These courses are essential for those who would like to become an electrician but have no previous experience and are unable to, or do not want to, do an apprenticeship. The AM2 test is also vital for apprentices and electricians who need to take the assessment to complete their portfolio of qualifications to gain their gold card.

Mark Crook, managing director of Technique Learning Solutions, says: “We’re really pleased that we can now offer 2365 courses and the AM2 assessment. We’ve had many queries on these courses over the years, so there is definitely a demand for them and it makes a lot of sense for us to offer them.”

From 1 September 2021, there will be changes made to the EAS document, which is produced by the IET and these changes will affect qualified supervisors. These changes bring new entry requirements for joining a competent person scheme. 

Mark adds: “We are able to help candidates through their journey completely, from a beginner to fully qualified. We are able to cover any scenario – this industry is ever-changing and we’re always aiming to adapt and change with it.” 

Technique Learning Solutions currently has a private bursary available on its 2365 courses to those who register – this provides a huge discount and a free EV course. 

As well as the 2365 and AM2 assessments, Technique Learning Solutions will be offering a Lightning Protection course and a Thermal Imaging course. Both courses offer additional skills to those working in the electrical and other industries and have a range of safety benefits. 

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