Four in five UK electricians don’t feel confident discussing sustainability

Discussing sustainability

Sustainability is a growing concern for customers when hiring tradespeople, but four in five (80%) UK electricians are unaware how to make their work more eco-friendly.

A new study by ElectricalDirect found that a quarter (25%) of clients are now more eco-conscious than they used to be, and over the last year, more than a fifth (22%) of electricians have been directly asked about their environmental impact.

However, the vast majority of workers are not sure how to become more sustainable and more than four in five (82%) say they don’t feel confident discussing the topic with customers.

This lack of awareness could explain why so few electricians actively try to reduce their impact on the planet. Fewer than one in five (18%) say they consciously try to work sustainably.

For some, finances are a major factor. One in six (17%) say they can’t afford to become more eco-friendly due to the extra costs involved.

Nevertheless, with many customers now favouring tradespeople with green credentials, electricians could potentially start to miss out on work if they don’t make changes.

Almost two in five (37%) Brits try to only use companies who are socially and environmentally responsible, so there’s a strong business case for sustainability, on top of the wider benefits.

To help tradespeople who are looking to become more environmentally friendly, ElectricalDirect has partnered with William Hobbs, sustainability and recycling expert at, to provide some expert tips:

  • Source local parts. To reduce your carbon footprint, look for parts and materials produced and sold closer to home.
  • Wherever possible, recycle. Instead of throwing waste away, consider how to reuse or repurpose it. If it cannot be reused, recycle as much as possible so it doesn’t end up in landfill.
  • Reduce plastic and chemical use. Making simple but practical swaps on small items you use daily can reduce your overall environmental impact without costing too much.

Dominick Sandford, Managing Director at ElectricalDirect, says “Sustainability has been a hot topic for a number of years, and that’s certainly not going to change anytime soon, so it’s no surprise that customers are now considering the environmental impact of any work they have done in their homes.

“In order to meet these changing requirements, electricians should review their materials, equipment and methods to see how they can become a bit greener, as doing so can benefit both their business and the planet.”

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