Electricians need to be prepared for rocky ‘road’ ahead

fuelGenie is aiming to help electricians prepare for a challenging road ahead with lower cost fuel, consolidated payments and easy to manage invoicing.

It follows news that road tax changes are likely to hit electricians and SMEs hard.

fuelGenie cannot impact government legislation or change, but the fuel card provider is experienced in helping organisations make time and money efficiencies and more effectively manage payment receipts.

Scrutiny, understandably, increased recently over how fuel and roads are likely to be paid for during the next decade, as the landscape shifts and alters significantly. The rise of electric vehicles (EVs) brings new types of challenges, both in terms of returns on fuel duty and road tax. The government speculated that there could be a gap of c£35billion in lost revenue that needs to be recouped.

However, proposed changes to road tax, which could potentially see a pay per mile road pricing system introduced on UK roads for all vehicles, are controversial as according to the Transport Select Committee, they would subject drivers to “double taxation”.

This could potentially occur in the future if electricians are forced to pay a national road pricing scheme and city-wide Clean Air Zone rates at the same time.

While this may still be some time off, it is important electricians are prepared to be able to consolidate existing fuel receipts and payments, to make any future changes more manageable if and when they happen.

It’s also vitally important to support them in finding the lowest cost fuel available. Prices at the pump have also crept up to an eye-watering 148.40p a litre for petrol, while diesel reached 151.90p a litre, according to the RAC.

Electricians faced with increased fuel costs and administration are also facing difficult decisions about fleet renewal and investment at the same time.

Fuel cards are an effective way for electricians to help reduce motoring costs and start to create a more efficient business model, especially if utilising fuelGenie which promotes cost-effective supermarket fuel.

fuelGenie Managing Director Robert Pieczka comments: “Smaller businesses may be using pay and reclaim and many have substantial administration and receipt processing costs, not reclaiming all VAT because of misplaced receipts, or simply not be aware of the benefits of fuel cards – all of these factors impacting overall operating costs.

“With the right advice and support from an established fuel card provider, SMEs can be better prepared for the road ahead, whatever bumps may occur along the way.”

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