Electricity project helps operators improve LV network efficiency

Following the completion of a £5.5 million, three-year project, the OpenLV project team is presenting its findings to the energy industry on 17 November. This project was carried out to explore how distributed intelligence in substations can directly benefit network operators – and benefit the transition to Net Zero carbon emissions.

Join the team at 2pm for an overview of the project and its findings, including the real-life benefits experienced by the network operator. The session will be delivered via live presentations, videos and pre-recorded interviews taking you through the project, and there will be a panel to answer any questions.

The project was designed with two purposes. Firstly to prove distributed intelligence improved operational efficiency for network operators. Secondly, to explore the appetite for groups outside the electricity industry to access the data from the Low Voltage (LV) Network, and for WPD to understand how the groups could learn from the data. The webinar will focus on the benefits that distributed intelligence can provide to LV networks.

The project saw the installation of LV-CAP technology in 80 substations across the Midlands, South West and Wales. LV-CAP technology is a distributed intelligence solution, which provides visibility of the performance of each substation to WPD. The technology has capability to record, process and respond to network conditions. This includes monitoring the assets to provide information on network load, with a focus on exception reporting and alerts, and ultimately, trial automated control of the network.

Roger Hey, DSO Systems and Projects Manager at WPD, says: “The learning garnered from this project has already informed our thinking at WPD. It has fed directly into our Data and Digitalisation Strategy, which has the principles of Open Data at its core.”

EA Technology project managed the initiative and working with a team at the University of Manchester and Nortech, developed the LV-CAP technology that facilitated the project. David Russell, OpenLV Project Manager at EA Technology, explains: “The OpenLV trial demonstrated the impact of enabling network operators to have LV network visibility. It allowed them to focus on locations requiring interventions, and seamless visibility has allowed them to discover and optimise cost saving opportunities, using the data to drive the right network decision, at the right time.”

To find out more about OpenLV and to sign up for the webinar, ’Electricity Network and Distributed Intelligence’ visit the website www.OpenLV.net.

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