Ellis’ Cable Cleat Calculator Sums Up Its Innovator Status

Ellis Patents has once again demonstrated why it stands alone as the cable cleat market’s leading innovator – having developed an online calculator that will provide users with completely accurate specification information for any project in a matter of seconds.

The cable cleat calculator provides correctly specified cleat spacings with respect to short circuit conditions, and recommends the ideal products for that specific project. This is achieved through a pre-programmed calculation that takes into consideration cable formation, cable size, short circuit current and the installation environment.

Stephen Walton, Technical Director of Ellis Patents, says, “Correctly specifying cable cleats and the spacing they need to be installed at is vital in ensuring they function properly when called into action. Until now, specifiers and planners needed to make the calculation using a complex formula, and then interpret these results into product type, quantity and exact spacing.

“Our cable cleat calculator removes this complicated mathematical element from the specification process, and replaces it with a foolproof option that provides the correct cleat specification quickly and easily.”

Ellis designs and manufactures all of its cable cleats in North Yorkshire, and has a global reputation for both its products, and its proven ability to solve problems through innovative thinking. This has seen the company create new products in live project situations for the likes of Balfour Beatty and Siemens, and cure a major health and safety installation headache for Network Rail.

“Our innovative approach to product and service development has served us well over the years, opening many doors that would have remained firmly shut to more traditional manufacturers,” continues Stephen.

“With the cable cleat calculator, I’m confident this single online tool will have the biggest impact of any of our innovations to date, as it really does have the potential to be adopted as an industry essential across the globe.”

The Ellis cable cleat calculator can be found at www.ellispatents.co.uk/cleat-calculator.

For further information on Ellis, call 01944 785395 or visit www.ellispatents.co.uk.

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