EnviroVent launches new mechanical extract ventilation systems

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Ventilation systems manufacturer EnviroVent has launched its new MEV 160 and MEV 300. These are versatile, compact, high performance mechanical ventilation systems ideal for houses, apartments and other communal residences, such as care homes and student accommodation.

The MEV 160 and MEV 300 are designed to significantly enhance indoor air quality with multiple extract points to simultaneously draw moisture-laden air from the wet rooms, whilst minimising the migration of humidity to other rooms. They have airflow rates up to 74l/s for the MEV 160 and 111l/s for the MEV 300 and can achieve extremely low specific fan powers down to 0.19 W/l/s , suitable for applications with a kitchen plus six additional wet rooms.

These systems are extremely compact with a low profile of 16cm, making them perfect for areas where space is restricted. They can be wall, floor or ceiling mounted, horizontally or vertically with just four fixing points.

The MEV 160 and 300 have also been designed to connect to either standard 125mm rigid ducting or 75mm/90mm Fast Track range of ducting as an option.

EnviroVent’s innovative Fast Track Ducting range ensures rapid installation, up to twice the speed of traditional screw and glue and provides a sustainable airtight connection.

Rory Percival, Head of R&D and Technical at EnviroVent, explains: “These are two extremely high performance MEV systems, which will prove to be very effective in improving indoor air quality. They have been designed to be very user-friendly and with ease and flexibility of installation in mind and feature six twist, fix and release entry points. They are also very compact and have minimal noise levels, making them ideal for domestic ventilation projects.”

Weighing just 5kg, they are simple and quick to install by one person, featuring an easy push button commissioning pad, enabling the installer to correctly set the required airflow rate quickly and effectively.

The MEV 160 and 300 run continuously at a low level to ensure good indoor air quality. Intellitrac humidity tracking comes as standard, which constantly monitors the humidity level, meaning no user intervention is required. Use of Intellitrac means that as humidity rises and falls, the motor speed responds in direct correlation to control condensation quietly and efficiently.

The MEV 160 and 300 can also be connected to the AirSens range of Indoor Air Quality Sensors. These provide an easy-to-read colour coded display, showing the current air quality at any time. AirSens is  available in three different models to detect carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds and relative humidity.

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