Essential fire system accessories from ESP

Essential products

ESP reminds installers and wholesalers of some of the fire system accessories in its range that are essential elements to consider when working on a project. These include the fire isolator switch, log book and document box.

Fire isolator switch – with a legal requirement in place to ensure all new fire alarm systems in the UK are fitted with a mains isolator switch, ESP offers a product that meets the requirements of the BS5839 Part 1 standard.

The fire isolator switch provides a secure method of isolating the mains supply feeding a fire system control panel and is crucial for fire system maintenance. The supply can only be isolated by an authorised person, by means of a key lock switch and switching is restricted by key operation. The key is removable in both ON and OFF positions and without the key, a tool would be required to disconnect the power.

Fire safety log book – it is a legal requirement for managers/building owners to take responsibility for the safety within their property. ESP’s A4 log book will ensure system records are maintained in accordance with BS5839-1. The log book will include information on test procedures, frequencies of service and maintenance requirements

Document Box – ESP’s wall-mounted, A4 Document Box is designed to keep vital documents safe from potential damage. It is suitable for fire, emergency lighting and CCTV system documents and keeps them secure in a single location. It features a lockable door, with two keys supplied.

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