Collingwood Offers Versatile New Lighting Range

Collingwood Lighting explains how its Essentially Collingwood Range is offering customers the complete solution.

From the initial conception to adding the finishing touches, one of the most important considerations during any lighting project is making the entire process as quick and smooth as possible, as well as ensuring a level of quality that will provide peace of mind and stand the test of time.

To this end, we’ve introduced our Essentially Collingwood range. This broad range offers a versatile mix of products, all carefully developed and selected to complement each other when used in conjunction to meet the various lighting requirements of larger projects such as new build housing, apartment buildings and commercial buildings. With this range, we aim to be a ‘one-stop-shop’ for customers, removing the time and hassle involved in sourcing lights from various different manufacturers and offering the ability to complete a specification in full.

The H2 Lite T provides general ambient lighting

For general ambient lighting, the H2 Lite T can be used throughout a property. With an IP rating of 65, it can be used in kitchens and bathrooms. It’s push-fit terminal connector and insulation coverable design makes installation of large quantities quick and easy.

A wide 100° beam angle and over 3000lm output make the H6 Lite ideal for larger commercial spaces with high ceilings that require a broader more powerful spread of light.

H6 Lite offers a more powerful spread of light

In communal areas such as corridors, hallways and stairwells, our WL92 bulkhead can be used to provide illumination. The emergency version provides safe guidance towards exits in the case of an emergency whilst the microwave sensor version only switches on when needed, reducing energy consumption and bills in high traffic and communal areas.

The WL92 bulkhead offers a solution for corridors, hallways and stairwells

Sensor options are also available in our floodlight range. A choice of ten high efficacy floodlights ranging from 10W to 100W provides an option for any area of an exterior installation: whether for use in courtyards or entrances or uplighting large trees or buildings.

For adding the finishing touch to a project, our constant voltage LED strip is perfect for accent lighting. With multiple IP rating and output options, they can be used to add detail to a wide range of projects.

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