Evolution way forward in 2012 for electrical wiring, says Apex managing director

Evolution way forward in 2012 for electrical wiring, says Apex managing director

The electrical wiring and accessories sector will continue to evolve strongly during 2012 and beyond to meet the challenges of new technologies, the availability of affordable skilled labour and the latest methods of construction, notably off site pre-fabrication, green and lean. That is the view of Dave Lewis, managing director of Apex Wiring Solutions.

He says that now, during the tough economic conditions faced not only here in the UK but also overseas, there’s more pressure than ever before on everybody within the supply chain to deliver projects on time and within budget, and achieving cost savings in the process wherever possible.

However, he says that growth can, and will, come through innovation – and here the UK will continue to lead the way, as it has so often in the past, in pioneering new electrical wiring technologies and solutions.

Dave said, ‘Modular wiring is no different. We are already leading the way in Europe and moving rapidly towards fully integrated systems similar to those found in the more mature markets of North America.

‘Elsewhere, there’s strong growth and even greater potential in places like the Middle East, Asia and Australia where mechanical and electrical specifiers are beginning to look seriously at the benefits of the modular approach with the adoption of pluggable, pre-assembled quality systems.’

Although modular installations continue to face some hurdles Dave Lewis is also confident that the future is bright, with systems continuing to develop further over the next five to 10 years through continued investment in R&D and technical support.

‘Certainly, there are some issues facing the sector. Lack of early planning by the industry to accommodate a pluggable system at the design stage is one of the biggest but this is being addressed.

‘We are actively investing in new product development while working with specifiers and their customers to ensure they understand what modular wiring offers and why planning for its inclusion should be considered from the outset if the benefits are to be fully realised. The future for electrical wiring accessories and modular in particular is both hopeful and exciting.

‘This year we have seen the cost and time saving benefits of modular wiring systems become increasingly recognised, enabling electrical contractors to complete even the most complex installations quicker and more efficient than ever before.

‘We will also see modular wiring become more and more the norm with less input required by product suppliers as the contractor becomes increasingly familiar with the concept and systems.’

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