Fergus helps E&P Electrics (Bedale) Ltd save time and money

Founded in 1979, E&P Electrics (Bedale) Ltd has grown to become one of the leading electrical contractors in north Yorkshire with a reputation for quality workmanship, reliability, and customer service. Its team of trained and experienced electricians specialise in a range of electrical services, including installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical systems, lighting and power solutions for commercial, industrial and domestic properties.

The team is made up of electricians who are trained to work with the latest technologies and equipment, with work is carried out in accordance with all relevant regulations and industry standards.

Services include installation and maintenance of electrical systems for homes and businesses, lighting design and installation, energy saving solutions, electrical testing and inspections and emergency electrical services. The team also offers a range of renewable energy solutions, including solar PV installations, battery storage solutions and electric vehicle charging points.

E&P Electrics (Bedale) Ltd is now using Fergus job management software to help the team behind the scenes and has seen many benefits.

“Before we started using Fergus in the office, we were very paper based. Time sheets, purchase ledgers – everything was on paper. It was very time consuming,” says Lindsay Peacock, who works at the company. “Since we moved to Fergus, the office has just revolutionised. We no longer have to wait a week for time sheets to come in – we’re virtually paper free now. The data entry across the whole of the office has been significantly reduced which is saving us so much time and money.

“It is a real advantage to be able to track in real time. We’re getting live data back from all of our electricians, we’re not having to wait a week to see the status of a job. We are probably no more than 24 hours behind knowing what’s going on in any one job at any one time. Not having to wait for the data is great and means we can keep an eye on the profitability of every job to the day.

“We’re also seeing a lot more accurate data come back because the manual input side of things has been significantly reduced. It’s made our day to day office work a lot smoother and a lot more profitable because of the amount of data we can see at the click of a button. Take the status bars on the home screen on Fergus, for instance – there’s so much information there with one click.

“If you’re looking to move from a paper-based system onto more of a data entry system, I would highly recommend Fergus. It’s been fantastic for us.”

“We are delighted E&P Electrics (Bedale) Ltd are getting so much from Fergus,” says James Chillman, UK Country Manager for Fergus. “By automating just a few processes, you can potentially claw back time and money. As a business owner it does not make sense to keep wasteful and time-sapping habits in place when the answer is just a few mouse clicks or finger swipes away!”

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