Fire Alarm System For Victoria Court Development

C-TEC’s CAST XFP addressable fire alarm system is protecting a refurbished retail development in West Yorkshire.

Situated in the heart of Cleckheaton, Victoria Court has recently undergone a £2.5m transformation and is now home to two floors of offices and an array of retail and commercial outlets including Domino’s Pizza and the Halifax Bank. With its innovative control panels, detection and alarm devices, C-TEC’s new CAST XFP system provides the highest levels of fire protection at the multi-purpose site.

Featuring all the qualities of C-TEC’s existing panels plus distributed intelligence, autonomous decision making, high speed data transmission and a powerful group activation command for the rapid deployment of alarm signals, CAST is designed for fast and easy install. In addition, its capacity for displaying detailed data on all system activity was also a key factor in its specification for this particular site.

Nathan Douglas-Smith of Centurion Fire and Security, the specialist fire company that completed the installation of the life-safety systems in just under five weeks, comments, “Fire alarm panel feedback is crucial so engineers and end users can ascertain all site activity. CAST XFP provides the responsible person with vital information on system activity in complete contrast to the old fire alarm system it replaced. As a result, engineers and end users can see exactly what is happening on site.”

“CAST XFP is a great product – it’s easy-to-install, well manufactured and very reliable on all the current installation sites. From a customer support point of view, C-TEC are very responsive to enquires, requests and the occasional technical support call. For example, at a late stage in the installation, the client decided they wanted the smoke detectors in a specific area to be black. We simply called C-TEC and they manufactured them to order.”

David Armstrong, Centurion’s MD, notes, “CAST is powerful, feature-rich and intuitive. We’ve installed 10 systems to date and have many more projects in the pipeline. Going forward, we can’t wait for it to be rolled out to C-TEC’s larger panels, particularly the ZFP, over the coming months.”

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