Fluke announces major expansion of Premium Care support packages

Fluke announces major expansion of Premium Care support packages for industrial tools

Fluke has announced the expansion of its Premium Care support packages, including an extensive range of industrial and electrical tools.

Fluke Premium Care covers the routine calibration and performance checks of tools, ensuring compliance with the latest standards, including repairing and replacing damaged accessories. Fluke’s priority technical support enables customers to solve critical equipment challenges quickly.

Fluke Premium Care can now cover selected tools from Fluke: acoustic imagers, power quality analysers and loggers, multifunction PV testers and performance analysers, ScopeMeters, motor drive analysers and process calibration tools.

However, Chris Ulfig, Technical Sales Manager of Fluke, has emphasised that Premium Care should not be viewed as additional insurance or an extended warranty.

Testing, calibration and compliance

In representing a cost-effective way for customers to upkeep their tools, Fluke Premium Care provides coverage above and beyond a tool’s original product warranty. Thus helping users avoid unexpected downtime caused by damaged test equipment, accessories, or tools that need calibration or repair.

Annual cost comparisons show that upgrading to a Fluke Premium Care plan can save thousands on equipment maintenance and repair. The package supports customers who need their industrial tools to be calibrated or performance-tested annually.

The offer of expedited calibration, repair and freight results in customers optimising their time by swiftly resuming work whilst maximising efficiency, safety, and productivity in the workplace.

Accuracy and reliability cut operational costs and increase ROI

Fluke’s ii900 Industrial Acoustic Imager and ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager can now come bundled with a one or three-year Fluke Premium Care plan. Fluke’s acoustic cameras are the fastest way for maintenance teams to accurately locate air, gas, and vacuum leaks within compressed gas systems. Seemingly minute issues can significantly impact a company’s operational costs.

Measurement tools used to generate safety and performance reports, such as power quality analysers or multifunction testers, require regular calibration to guarantee precise measurements. With Fluke Premium Care, the return on investment from Fluke’s industrial and electrical tools is substantially increased.

Fluke Premium Care is a comprehensive solution offering greater peace of mind for electrical contractors and maintenance technicians working in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

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