Free booking platform for tradeswomen launching soon

TaskHer, which is set to launch towards the end of 2021, puts tradeswomen at the forefront of its plan to shift the gender imbalance in skilled manual trades.

Months of research into getting under the skin of what tradeswomen want and need has gone into the platform to help tradeswomen not only build their businesses and fill their diaries, but to start shaping the manual trades landscape into a more modern image.

TaskHer will be free to use, with no sign-up fees, no commission and no paying for leads, with a user interface designed to accept jobs, agree costs and be paid all on one platform.

Founders Anna Hernandez and Paul Moynihan have been working with a panel of established tradeswomen to set about building the model, with plans to further expand with an academy to support women and school leavers to train in their choice of trade.

“When we looked at the stats – that under 5% of tradespeople are female – we were really

shocked. It’s 2021 and it’s time to start not only championing women in skilled manual trades, but to start showing school leavers that the trades are a viable career for women and a significantly more lucrative one than the apprenticeships they tend to be pushed towards”, says Anna.

Paul adds, “By sticking to the typically female dominated apprenticeships and not considering the trades, women stand to lose up to £1 million of potential lifetime earnings.”

If you’d like to sign up for free to TaskHer, head to and leave your details.

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