Freelance electricians’ earnings rise to £1,080 per week

freelance electricians

The cost of freelance electricians increased by 4.7% last month, highlighting the inflationary pressures in the construction industry supply chain.

New payroll data from Hudson Contract show average weekly earnings for freelance electricians rose to £1,080 during July, handing them an extra £192 over the month.

Ian Anfield, managing director, says: “The housing market is booming with the price of the average UK home increasing by nearly £25,000 over the last year. We expect strong demand for new housing and renovation schemes to continue for the foreseeable future. The government is committed to big infrastructure investments as part of its ‘levelling up’ agenda, which is adding to confidence in the sector.

“The challenge for construction firms will be in managing rising costs caused by shortages in building materials and skilled labour. We encourage ministers to consider how the industry can increase access to skilled freelancers from Europe under the new immigration system. Self-employed subcontractors make up the most productive and flexible pool of resource in the industry and Britain needs them to deliver these projects on budget and on time.”

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