From London to Paris, powered by the sun


Wallbox has announced that it will sponsor the London to Paris EV Rally, the official international electric vehicle rally, promising to be one of the premier e-challenges in Europe in 2023.

Following the success of the first two editions, it will be held between 30 June and 2 July 2023. Aside from being one of its sponsors, Wallbox will also participate in the rally by charging one of the EV competing cars, the Nissan Ariya, which has a 60kWh battery, through its home charger, Pulsar Max, which will be powered only by solar energy, and therefore will not produce emissions during the rally.

The company’s vision is in line with the event’s aim of helping customers reduce range anxiety and highlighting the accessibility of electric vehicles, playing a determinant role in developing an efficient and greener transportation system. Additionally, EV is a key pillar not only for zero emissions mobility, but for a new energy management paradigm that enables renewable energy production and consumption.

Pulsar Max is its smart home charger upgraded to unlock even more time, money and energy savings for everyday EV drivers. It works seamlessly with all its energy management solutions, including solar charging, through the Eco-Smart feature, which connects the EV charger with solar panels, and the bidirectional power metre.

By using Eco-Smart, users can choose to charge their electric cars entirely through solar from their home solar installation, or a mix of solar and grid to maximise cost and energy savings.

This feature is massive in the UK and the solar market is maturing at a rapid rate, faster than most countries globally. The number of households installing rooftop solar panels reached its highest level in 2023, with more than 50,700 installations between January and March, more than double the amount of last year.

Users can also save money and lower their impact on the environment by scheduling charging sessions through the myWallbox app. By charging during off-peak hours in terms of energy costs, drivers can expect to save up to £180.

The rally will be going from London to Brighton, and then on to Paris, calling at the midway point at Ifield College, before heading down to Brighton seafront for an afternoon, showcasing the EV and renewable energy technology. After the evening reception, the rally will continue on the ferry overnight, setting off from Dieppe at sunrise and travelling through Northern France, arriving in Paris in the late afternoon.

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