KNIPEX adds length to Needle-Nose Pliers


KNIPEX Needle-Nose Pliers are high leverage combination pliers with pointed jaws and are a further development of the classic combination pliers from the KNIPEX Wuppertal tool forge. Needle-Nose pliers are now also available in a length of 185mm. With these pliers, tasks in the professional workshop and on electrical installations can be carried out effortlessly as these slim pliers can cope perfectly with tight, hard-to-reach work areas.

These flexible pliers are twist-proof and full of power. A high lever transmission power joint makes it easier to cut soft, medium-hard and hard wire, making the pliers a high leverage diagonal cutter.

The convex profile of the serrations in the pipe gripping area results in a stable three-point contact and means round pipes can be easily gripped and powerfully turned. Hexagonal profiles can also be powerfully turned. A milled transverse groove in the gripping area also makes it easy to securely hold and pull out even tiny items such as nails, pins and bolts.

The pliers have a slim head shape with tapered jaws which allows for good access. The reliable and powerful pliers are forged from special tool steel and oil-hardened.

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