GARO – Entity Pro is now third-party certified

GARO – Entity Pro is now third-party certified.

A charge point that is full of possibilities

GARO has chosen to undergo third-party certification for the GARO Entity Pro, assuring the product’s quality and alignment with relevant directives, laws and standards. This certification validates the product’s compliance with rigorous tests conducted throughout its development. The GARO Entity Pro features a distinctive built-in solution for electrical safety in the charging box, instilling confidence in end users, customers and installers regarding the product’s performance.

GARO Entity is a comprehensive series of charging solutions designed for future-proofing and adaptability to challenging climates. Garo has streamlined the management of the charging experience, providing complete control through the GARO Connect app. Whether you prefer scheduled charging based on time or electricity unit price, access control, or consumption tracking, the app is a dependable companion. Each GARO Entity is equipped with Wi-Fi, and LAN support, ensuring continuous monitoring and control of your charging. The GARO Entity Pro, with its sleek design and robust software, is an ideal solution for all charging needs.

It caters to all car brands and models and supports both single and three-phase charging. The Entity Pro features an open-source interface, offering flexibility in choosing your preferred back-office operator and avoiding dependence on a single supplier. You can manage various charging station functions through the GARO Connect app, including charge monitoring, billing, documentation, and user management.

Available in a range from 7.4KW to 22kW, the Entity Pro boasts numerous features, such as the Smart Bracket for quick installation, a 32 Amp single-phase IP54 Socket Outlet, OCCP 1.6 compatibility, and multiple connectivity options like dual LAN, Mesh Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi. It also includes load balancing with wireless and wired alternatives, integrated RFID for user authentication, a fully integrated meter with a Visible MID option, and a user-friendly mobile app. Protective features encompass overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, DC leakage protection, AC leakage protection, PEN fault protection, and charger monitoring.

Entity Pro has received full third-party certification (TUV) and adheres to EN 61851-1, IEC 61439-7, and ISO 15118. Emphasising the company’s commitment to safety, GARO prioritises the development of the safest products in the market, addressing current concerns and anticipating future needs.

For more details on GARO chargers, explore the range at GARO chargers are readily available in most electrical wholesalers across the country.

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