Get Hands On With Klauke UK At ED&I

High quality manufacturer and distributor Klauke UK will be at ED&I showcasing several key lines from its handheld range of problem solvers.

ED&I takes place on September 6-7 at the NEC, Birmingham and is the UK’s new national trade show for the electrical contracting and wider electro-technical industry.

The show will combine a packed exhibition floor and a full two days of informative seminars led by main sponsor the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA)

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Beat your competitors to the punch 

Klauke’s innovative Speed Punch System has been introduced to reduce the operation time when punching a hole in mild steel, plastic and aluminium sheets up to 3.5mm thick – by up to three times, says the maker.

Users of sheet metal hole punching systems on the market today will be well-aware of the neat finish, exact size, minimal (if any) deburring and clean working benefits. The process of drawing a punch and die together on a threaded draw stud have been used for many years producing professional results. Recent technological advances have been seen in the hydraulic pulling tools, moving from foot and hand pumps, to modern lightweight battery-operated solutions, which bring speed and accessibility benefits.

Klauke says the new Speed Punch system brings innovation to the ‘cutting edge’. The longest process of using hole punching tools is threading the punch onto and off the draw stud. Speed Punch eliminates this threading by using a threadless draw stud and robust ‘Speed Lock’ clamp. Assembly and disassembly becomes simple and is up to three times faster than conventional punching systems.

Speed Punch is available for ISO sizes 16 – 63 and is compatible with all existing pulling tools. The punch and die have been sized to eliminate the need for spacers, requiring fewer parts and without threads, so less to go wrong.

When combined with a battery hydraulic punch driver e.g. LS50L-flex, the manufacturer says this provides the fastest punching system on the market.

For square and rectangular hole punches, the same benefit can be achieved with Speed Nut. This only requires a new draw stud and Speed Nut which works with existing punches, bringing the same benefits in installation time.


Cut down on crimping fatigue

Klauke’s micro battery operated crimping tool will also be highlighted. The light weight design is powered by a 9.6V Li-ion battery providing a solution for panel builders or any application where high volume or high handle loads are present.

Repetitive Strain injuries (RSI) from crimping are addressed as the pre-clamp feature allows the user to feel the connector and position it correctly before the ‘Powersense’ technology takes over to complete the crimp. The Micro can be used to replace manual ratchet crimping tools for pre-insulated connectors (0.5 – 16mm2), Cu tube connectors (0.5 – 25mm2) and cable end sleeves/boot lace ferrules (0.14 – 50mm2).

The resultant crimp is controlled to ensure full closure of the jaws which means more crimps can be made with repeatable results.

The Micro features the Klauke Intelligent Pressing System (IPS) which allows the user to download usage data from the tool, detailing how many crimps have been made, the date and time they were completed and the fact that they were all completed to full jaw closure. Used with the Klauke iPress Freeware it creates time and date stamped quality certificates which improves traceability.

The wider range of the maker’s ‘Next Generation’ battery crimping and cutting tools will also be put under the spotlight after under-going a complete redesign. Ergonomics have been enhanced, including soft grips and better balance and there are more powerful batteries up to 5.0Ah for longer working between recharge.

The construction has been made more robust and weather resistant for reliable, trouble free operation, well suited to hard use in tough environments. An LED display allows pressures, battery life and user profiles to be directly read from the tool. Data transfer for QA certification is now more easily achieved via the new Klauke app, linking any smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth.

There are Next Generation solutions from the compact basket tray cutter (6mm steel rod), to cutting steel armoured power cables in Cu and Al up to 105mm diameter. Crimping tools range from 6mm2 up to 630mm2 which the maker says are the most powerful and compact solutions on the market today. Used with the complementing Klauke cable lugs, these new solutions are designed to provide peace of mind and secure certified electrical connections.


Get networked

Klauke is also one of the companies underlining the benefits of networked tools. Using GPS tool tracking and remote interrogation, the on-line Klauke connectivity applications give users information about the physical location, condition of the tools, how much work they have completed, as well as when the next service is due.

Combined with an inventory management system which can alert when service intervals are expected, this software is a powerful ally for those with large inventories. Remote interrogation allows for theft protection as tools can be disabled if stolen. Smart modules also mean that standard tools can be upgraded to the ‘Connect’ variants at any time.

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