Gibbons launches Plug&Drive to offer cost-effective vehicle charge points

In response to the increase in demand for electric vehicle (EV) charging points from businesses, organisations, and homeowners, Gibbons Engineering Group has launched Plug&Drive. This new division aims to expand the EV charger network across East Anglia, the South East, and London – making it easy and efficient to purchase, install, and manage EV chargers.

Plug&Drive has partnered with ABB to sell and install its top-of-the-range Terra AC Wallbox electric vehicle chargers; however, it has also recently launched the first in its own range of charge points. Compatible with all electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) models, the Plug&Drive 7.4kW EV charge point is a cost-effective, easy to use, and simple to set up charge point that provides customers with everything they need to charge their EVs at home or at work. It comes with three RFID (Radio Frequency Identity Cards) cards, perfect for guests or for use without the app, and when using public charging stations.

Matthew Gibbons, Director, Plug&Drive comments: “Electric vehicles have seen a real boom in popularity in recent years with the latest developments in technology making them easily accessible to a wider eco-conscious market. With the manufacturing of petrol and diesel cars being phased out in the UK by 2030, the world of electric vehicles is set to expand rapidly.

“Plug&Drive was born out of a desire to support the switch to EVs, helping those who might just need one charge point to those who require multiple chargers across multiple sites to meet environmental objectives and employee demand.”

OZEV grants

Plug&Drive is an Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) grant-approved installer, meaning that business owners can claim a government grant worth £350 per socket. Plug&Drive is able to apply for the grant on behalf of its business customers to reduce their administrative burdens.

Management of EV charge points

Plug&Drive has partnered with Fuuse to simplify payment processes for EV drivers, as well as create a user-friendly system so that businesses can track and manage the use of their EV chargers. The platform aggregates all brands of EV chargers, so businesses can see information in one interface rather than needing to log into multiple brands’ management systems.

Plug&Drive will offer training and maintenance of the management system and charge points as well as providing advice about maximising performance.

Matthew continues: “We know that some users are hesitant to switch to EVs because of concerns about cost but our range of electric vehicle charge points have smart charging technology, which means they can be confident in the fact that the charge points make the most of lower tariffs and utilise a greater amount of green energy.

“Offering electric vehicle charging is not only a massive perk for employees but it also demonstrates a business’s commitment to making positive changes for the future of our planet. We want to help as many organisations and individuals as possible make this important switch.”

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