Gira Unveils New Brand Identity, Remains Open For Business

Gira Unveils New Brand Identity, Remains Open For Business

Gira has unveiled a new brand identity and reassures UK customers that it is still open; the company’s UK technical support team remains available during the global Covid-19 outbreak.

With the aim to reaffirm the company’s commitment to safeguarding its UK customers and staff, Gira has put special measures in place so its technical support team can remain available on a remote-basis, from Monday to Friday, 8am – 6pm. The Gira supply chain is also business-as-usual, so customers can still place new orders or discuss current sales orders by contacting Gira Germany.

The impact of Coronavirus has, and still is, creating an unprecedented level of uncertainty for all, and Gira is taking all possible measures to protect its customers, employees and health worldwide.

Gira has a responsibility towards the businesses it serves, working to safeguard and support its network of technology integration and support companies, specialist home integrators and electricians, as well as corporate installers and the electrical retailer, which may or may not have an online presence. With such varied methods of practise, Gira hopes each of its customers will self-govern their own situation, ensuring responsible operation at all costs, which remain in-keeping with official health and work guidelines.

In accordance, the entire Gira workforce spanning sales, technical, support, marketing, accounts and returns, are working from home. To ensure the safe receipt and dispatch of goods, and make certain its buildings are secure, Gira has enlisted the absolute minimum number of essential staff to operate from Gira HQ in Germany. In addition, management of all Gira communications, IT and its security infrastructure will be systematically monitored and maintained remotely. All other team members with key-worker status will work in private offices with zero contact to the public.

Consequently, the Gira UK offices and training center will temporarily close to ensure the company is working in accordance with the latest UK government recommendations and above all else, protects its staff and customers.

Mark Booth, Managing Director Gira UK says, “We want to assure our customers that we will keep them updated about any new products, offers and our next steps as we navigate the unfolding Covid-19 situation together. Our technical support team is hugely experienced and is here to help with any queries, and for added convenience, our office systems will redirect any requests to our UK representatives automatically. This ongoing situation is under strict monitoring and should we have any new company updates, we will let you know. In the meantime, we are only a phone call or email away.

“In such uncertain times, it makes me proud to advocate the “Gira Spirit‘, where no matter how critical the situation, everyone is working even harder and closer together to ‘make it work‘. This is deeply ingrained in our company culture and on a personal note, my thoughts and prayers are with those who are most affected at this time“ says Mark.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the NHS and all of the key worker services that are keeping this country going, they are doing an admirable job. To everyone else that is ‘staying at home‘ and applying new social distancing rules, Gira thanks you – it’s the only way we will combat this virus. We are very grateful to everyone who is providing ongoing care and assistance for people in need, especially those in the front line, and for all the support networks which are helping communities to manage life during the lockdown and protect our public health: together we can beat this.“

From March 17 2020 onwards, Gira entered the next phase of evolution by operating with a new, commercially-led brand identity. Developed in conjunction with its Düsseldorf agency ‘thjnk’, this renewed brand vision has been created to provide Gira with a greater level of market appeal, across both trade and consumer audiences.

The new presentation will focus on diversity and will work towards a more tangible ‘on and off’ product experience for Gira customers on a global stage. Standing for high quality engineering and intelligent technologies, Gira’s new look will heighten its business approach and embody the virtuous quality of life this company is known for.

“We want to make it clear that although we have been ‘the ones with the switches’ since 1905, we are now much more than that: we have also been ‘fire detectors’, ‘guardians’ and of course ‘smart home’ pioneers since the early 1990s,” explains Simone Kulla-Wolinsky, Brand Manager at Gira. “Our solutions are not only used to install intelligent building technology and quality ‘Made in Germany’, but also carefreeness, well-being, security, creativity and freedom – feelings of life that go far beyond the pure on and off when operating our products and which make us unique.”

It is also worth noting how purchasing trends have changed significantly in recent years, with end users no longer solely relying on the recommendations and advice of electrical installers, architects and planners. Instead, self-serving consumers are doing their own research and this has led to an increased appetite for innovative, smart control technology in the modern home.

According to Statista, the market volume for the smart home in Germany alone is expected to grow from just under €4.3 billion this year and up to €6.7 billion in 2024. There is therefore great importance for Gira to demonstrate to the market a higher impetus for innovative, future-proof design that will continue to be relevant and inspirational long into the future. In response to this change in buying behaviour and in accordance with its new brand identity, Gira is consciously focusing on a different approach to its partners in the electronics retail and trade sectors, right through to the end user.

It has created a selection of custom literature to help convey its new portfolio and brand message like company brochures, product sources, marketing and social media activities, informational websites, active trade fair presentations, a dedicated system integrator partner programme and increased retail visibility.

Torben Bayer, Head of Brand Development & Marketing at Gira says, “Buildings are becoming more intelligent thanks to increasing digital networking and the broad use of sensor technology. The Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are becoming increasingly important for the networked control of smart buildings. When we celebrate our 125th company anniversary at Gira in ten years’ time, they will certainly be an integral part of the architecture that no-one in our living and working environment would want to do without any more.”

Mark concludes, “To be in a position to offer new corporate branding at a time when some are seen to be observing over acting, is a positive sign of our growth and development. Shortly following the announcement of our new UK premises back in February, I am confident this new brand insight will further shape and grow the company’s propensity to serve this thriving intelligent build market: both in the UK and multinationally.”

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