GivEnergy unveils a new generation of hybrid inverters

Hybrid inverters

GivEnergy has unveiled a new generation of its popular hybrid inverter products. This third generation of hybrid inverters boasts improved efficiency, improved charge and discharge power, and higher current string capability than ever before.

Back in 2017, GivEnergy launched its flagship hybrid inverter product. Today, the company is announcing the third generation of this product line, available in power capacities of 3.6kW and 5kW. So, these new hybrid inverters represent more than five years of tireless R&D.

“We’re incredibly proud to continue our legacy of providing best-in-class sustainable energy solutions”, says Jason Howlett, GivEnergy CEO. “The aim of the Gen-3 hybrid inverter range is to provide the most technologically efficient product currently possible. We believe we’ve achieved just that.”

The GivEnergy inverter seamlessly connects a customer’s solar PV, storage battery, and home. It acts as the brain of the energy system – converting current, communicating data between components, and managing power flow. The Gen-3 edition does so with boosted performance, within a sleek new curved front design in a cast aluminium structure.

“As customers increasingly look to take back control over their energy spend, the demands on storage systems have increased”, adds Jason. “The GivEnergy hybrid inverter Gen-3 is built to meet these heightened demands, providing an even more efficient solution for a sustainable future.”

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