GO TO-U and Parkopedia to elevate the EV charging experience

GO TO-U and Parkopedia collaborate to elevate the EV charging experience

GO TO-U has entered into co-operation with Parkopedia to elevate the electric vehicle (EV) charging experience.

Harnessing the power of advanced data analytics and machine learning, GO TO-U has established itself as a frontrunner in predicting EV charging demand, optimising resource allocation, and improving the charging process. Through this dynamic partnership, GO TO-U will share essential data points from its expansive network of EV charging stations with Parkopedia, while drivers benefit from Parkopedia’s seamless in-car parking and charging integrations that take the stress out of finding chargers and managing charging sessions.

The new partnership will deliver driver benefits in three key areas:

  • Data exchange: GO TO-U will seamlessly share real-time data from its extensive EV charging network with Parkopedia, enhancing the accuracy and availability of charging station information for drivers.
  • Activations and payments: Activations and payment technology will empower drivers to secure charging sessions and pay for these, ensuring a seamless and stress-free EV charging experience.
  • Optimised charging: By incorporating GO TO-U’s data insights, Parkopedia will enhance its connected car services, enabling more efficient charging and minimising wait times for EV drivers.

This transformative co-operation encapsulates a shared commitment to streamlining and enhancing the EV charging journey for drivers around the world, with planned global markets including Asia, North America and Europe. The combination of GO TO-U’s predictive analytics and Parkopedia’s in-car parking and charging functionality, offers drivers the greatest level of charging accessibility and convenience.

As the EV industry accelerates towards a sustainable future, the collaboration between GO TO-U and Parkopedia helps to make finding and paying for charging simpler and more convenient. Further updates will follow, as both companies collaborate to shape the trajectory of parking and charging globally.

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