Gooee Enters South America: First Brazilian IoT Lighting Partnership With Lumicenter

Gooee has extended its international reach to South America by partnering with the Lumicenter Lighting Group, the Brazilian provider of conventional and LED lighting solutions.

This partnership will enable Lumicenter to integrate and further develop Gooee’s IoT-enabling technology within its lighting products.

Once connected to the Gooee ecosystem, Lumicenter’s clients will have a portfolio of internal/external lighting solutions that offer better value for money and increased functionality. This is realised through enhanced lighting control, energy management, LED analytics and, for proximity marketing in retail applications, beacon management.

Marcos Vertuoso, CEO at Lumicenter Lighting, says, “With the IoT platform designed by Gooee the possibilities of offering value services for our clients will be a huge differential for Lumicenter.”

Jan Kemeling, chief commercial officer at Gooee, adds, “We have now signed agreements with leading lighting brands in Europe, the US, Japan, India, China and Australia and the Lumicenter partnership marks a significant step into the new, rapidly growing and exciting South American region.”

Lumicenter Lighting has a significant presence in the Brazilian market and, through the integration of Gooee’s technology, it can develop an innovative service offering to its customers in any vertical sector.

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