GRIDSERVE partners with Dootrix

GRIDSERVE chooses Dootrix

GRIDSERVE has signed a long term, multimillion pound partnership with Dootrix to provide the user experience and backend cloud engineering services that will help deliver a seamless, stress free, electric vehicle driving experience.

Its sun-to-wheel operations start with hybrid solar farms that promote biodiversity while generating power. They are sited as close to possible to the company’s charging points and forecourts. 

The deal represents a vote of confidence in Dootrix, which has been working with GRIDSERVE since 2019. Dootrix has already developed a range of critical business systems for the company and continues to build its Azure cloud platform. Dootrix will be its first choice partner throughout its business journey.


The next stage of that journey will be to provide the digital technology that will accompany GRIDSERVE’s nationwide rollout of charging points with the aim of providing drivers of electric vehicles with a quality of on-the-road experience that makes a compelling case for EVs. First steps will focus on the driver interface before diversifying to offer a range of forecourt, vehicle and ancillary services.


“GRIDSERVE has worked with a number of partners over the years and it’s a huge endorsement of Dootrix that they chose us to help realise their goals,” says Rob Borley, CEO, Dootrix. “We couldn’t be prouder to be working with one of the fastest growing, innovative and passionate companies, one that’s set to transform the EV experience and help save the planet in the process.”


“From our first meetings with GRIDSERVE, we knew we had an alignment of values and ambitions, and we are delighted to be working with them on the next stage of their development, as they solidify their position as one of the key players in their space,” adds Sam Nicholson, Account Director, who oversees Dootrix’s partnership with GRIDSERVE.

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