Kensa launches new funding offer – ground source for the price of air source

Kensa is bringing an innovative new funding offer to the market to enable house builders and developers to install ground source heat pumps for the price of air source heat pumps.

Kensa Contracting manages projects end-to-end and Kensa Utilities will fund, own and maintain the shared ground array infrastructure necessary for large-scale ground source systems. This removes the cost and hassle for house builders who simply fund the heat pump and internal heating distribution system.

Each property will pay a monthly standing charge to access the shared ground array, for a minimum 40-year agreement, just like any other traditional utility.

This emulates the current gas grid and means that house builders and homeowners can reap the unique benefits of harnessing underground heat to keep their houses warm and provide hot water, and even cooling. The addition of an energy-efficient and low carbon ground source heat pump will increase the value and saleability of a newbuild property.

Kensa Contracting is hosting a series of free webinars to explain in more detail the funding conditions for its offer – to register, click here. Alternatively, you can contact Kensa for a one-to-one CPD on the benefits of ground source heat pumps and why they are the best route to compliance.

UK ground temperatures remain constant year-round and ground source heat pumps utilise this stored solar energy. They can deliver 3-4kW of renewable energy for every 1kW of electricity, making them ultra-efficient and they produce no point-of-use emissions – making them extremely low carbon.

This makes carbon compliance easier and cheaper in developments, improving SAP ratings, and avoiding the costly addition of energy saving measures to meet Part L Building Regulations.

The funded offer from Kensa ensures house builders can quickly and cost-effectively future-proof their new developments with ground source heat pumps to comply with the interim target of a 30% reduction in carbon emissions ahead of the Future Homes Standard in 2025.

Delivering energy-efficient, low carbon and low-cost cooling – without harming the environment or contributing to overheating – is a balance only achievable with ground source heat pumps. Not only does this help house builders comply with Part O Building Regulations, but passive cooling actually re-charges the ground for more efficient heating the following winter.

Wouter Thijssen Managing Director of Kensa Utilities, says, “Homeowners prefer ground-source. Of all viable heating options, it is the cheapest to run, the least hassle to maintain, has the longest lifespan, creates the least noise and visual impact, and it allows for low-cost cooling. It does however cost more upfront to install, due to the shared ground array located outside the property.

“But when you install gas, you don’t buy and own your own mini-gas network, so we emulate this arrangement. By Kensa Utilities funding and owning this in return for a standing charge, the upfront cost for a housebuilder should be lower than air-source heat pumps and your end-user should pay less to run the system too because of its higher efficiencies. Win-win.”

Funding just the heat pump and internals, per property, you could expect to save up to £500 per property on a newbuild site on the upfront cost of the heat pump and up to £1,000 per property for a retrofit site. For non-domestic sites, this could be much larger. End-users can expect to save over £100 a year on running costs, even after paying the standing charge.

Kensa Utilities can flex the funding amount up or down, with the standing charge going up or down along with the funding amount. The package can also work with the Green Heat Network Fund and the Scottish Heat Network Fund, subject to the site aligning to scheme conditions.

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