Hager launches industry-leading training platform

Hager launches industry-leading training platform

Industry professionals have the chance to fine-tune their skills and absorb new knowledge thanks to the launch of a new training platform.

Hager Academy Online is a dedicated online learning platform designed by electrical manufacturer, Hager UK. Launched in September, it’s an evolution of the face-to-face training that Hager already offers.

Hager UK says, “There’s much going on within the electrical sector – including new markets emerging, net zero targets and skills gaps. We know it’s vital that professionals within the industry proactively and regularly participate in training to stay at the very top of their game.

“Information, advice and support is essential to furthering careers and enhancing business growth. Providing this knowledge on an online platform that can be accessible from anywhere, at any time and in different formats to suit every learner, represents the ultimate solution.

“The variety of training options available on Hager Academy Online, means there’s something for everyone. Including those wanting to refresh their knowledge on the go, those entering the industry seeking in-depth guidance or those needing comprehensive product-specific training.

“The platform is accessible on all devices, meaning it’s the pocket-sized learning partner for electrical professionals. These bitesize courses can increase confidence, motivation and independence of your teams. The platform was designed and is regularly updated by our technical experts who boast more than 50 years of combined industry experience, meaning you can rest assured it’s compliant, reliable and accurate.”

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