Hager changes the game with the launch of its new AFDD

Hager’s AFDD range is now available and is ‘set to transform the future of arc fault detection’. In addition to being available in MCB and RCBO format, every Hager AFDD comes with ProTools.


ProTools is the manufacturer’s diagnostic software, offering two unique elements to guarantee that the installer has the right tools at their disposal to ensure that AFDD installations perform in all scenarios.

Advanced on-board diagnostics

Equipped with built-in advanced diagnostics software, unwanted or operational trips are quickly detected and easily identified. Once the Hager RCBO/AFDD or MCB/AFDD device has tripped, installers can quickly identify the cause for the disconnected circuit at the push of a button.

The multicoloured LED display will flash in a different sequence of colours to identify the fault. With the ability to identify eight statuses, the device will instantly detect if a series arc, parallel arc, overvoltage, residual current fault, overload, short circuit, AFDD failure or manual trip has occurred, saving time and improving diagnostic ability.

Software upgrades

The latest AFDD device from Hager contains a microprocessor which runs a sophisticated algorithm, continuously checking the circuits for any indication of an arc fault. Whilst the extensive testing program provides a stable platform for today, it is possible that an electrical goods manufacturer of tomorrow may create an electrical device with a different waveform signature, thus creating a new signature for the arc fault device and causing it to trip.

With ProTools and software upgrades, Hager are able to modify the algorithm to accommodate new product signatures. These updates can be sent directly to installers’ mobile devices, via the Hager Pilot app, allowing them to connect to the AFDD through Bluetooth technology and perform a software upgrade. This changes the game, and uniquely eliminates the need to physically remove the device from the board, providing a quick and efficient resolution to any nuisance tripping.

RCBO and MCB configurations

The single module-wide device will be available in both RCBO/AFDD and MCB/AFDD configurations and will be offered with Hager’s ProTools diagnostic software.

Country Marketing Leader, Ian Smith, says: “It is a key part of our strategy that Hager devices are fully backwards compatible. So, in addition to our RCBO/AFDD we have an MCB/AFDD which enables Hager installers to upgrade existing MCB installations to AFDD on the appropriate circuits, without having to upgrade the whole installation to the RCBO configuration.”

Extensive testing

Benefitting from extensive field trials, Hager’s single module AFDD will provide installers with ‘fit and forget’ reassurance. Utilising existing feedback from over 5,000 two-module-wide units, Hager has further developed its algorithm following an additional field trial with 300 single module devices offering real-life feedback from these installations.

Ian concludes: “With any new technology, it is important that any bugs or issues are resolved before launch. With AFDDs containing microprocessors, there are many complex algorithms, each of which creating its own waveform that need to be fully adapted to accommodate the abundance of electrical products available to the UK market. We are confident in the stability of our algorithm and platform.

“We have a strong focus on the professional electrician, and we are changing the game with our AFDD. We have the right devices and support in place to ensure that AFDD installation is as straight forward as possible. We have used all of the time we can to ensure stability and performance is delivered with this new technology, supported with outstanding innovation should the need arise to upgrade the software.”

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