Hanwha Techwin Europe launches Wisenet Viewer 1.2

Hanwha Techwin has launched Wisenet Viewer 1.2 – a NVR and DVR management software that focuses on ease of use to enable operators to make more informed, timely decisions. Wisenet Viewer 1.2 assists security teams to maintain site safety with multiple NVRs and DVRs monitored through one application. It removes the need for a dedicated server to manage all video sources.

Adaptable to different needs

The software can be easily adapted to different viewing needs. Videos can be exported within a self-contained player, such as Wisenet Player, for ease of viewing. Media files can also be played directly in the layout. Web pages can be displayed alongside video tiles, and operators can choose to run multiple applications on multiple monitors.

Intuitive monitoring

Monitoring is further improved with the support of an intuitive user interface, allowing for flexible channel grouping and custom layouts. With a mouse, operators can easily zoom in and out of a video feed and adjust the tile size. With just one click, users can see a chosen tile in full screen thanks to the autofit feature. Bookmarks can also be set on recorded videos.

Wisenet Viewer 1.2 additionally comes with de-warping features that allow operators to view footage from fisheye cameras in a single, panoramic, and quad view for more accurate monitoring.

For NVRs equipped with AI search, Wisenet Viewer 1.2 enables users to search AI events with various attributes obtained from AI cameras. This improves operator efficiency by saving them time and energy by allowing them to filter by specific objects and attributes.

A health check dashboard allows them to see the health of devices in the system at a glance.

Automatic event rules

Event-Action rule management plays a monitoring assistants role to improve response times and efficiency. Operators can set a certain event as a trigger for a certain action followed. For example, if an MD (Motion Detection) event is detected, an alarm will automatically sound. Email notifications can be sent if an event is detected, and operators can set up an event rule schedule for any follow up actions needed.

A host of improvements

Uri Guterman, Head of Product and Marketing for Hanwha Techwin Europe says: “Supporting our clients and their teams to achieve their best work is at the heart of every upgrade we make at Hanwha Techwin. Wisenet Viewer 1.2 brings a host of improvements to the NVR/DVR management software by making it more adaptable to different operators preferences, consolidating everything from video to web pages into one intuitive interface. It enables teams to get the most from their video surveillance systems and to ensure nothing critical is missed.”

Additional features unique to Wisenet Viewer 1.2 also include digital signatures, hardware decoding, layout sequence, and improvements to the ‘Media file’ tree with auto-refresh and supporting sub-folders.


Wisenet Viewer 1.2 is compatible with Hanwha Techwin’s NVR/DVR and it supports multiple operating systems including Windows and macOS. It is easy to set up, with no prior programming experience needed. Users can log in and access all of their Wisenet NVRs and DVRs with just a single click.

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