Hanwha Vision launches the SolidEDGE camera

SolidEdge camera Hanwha Vision

Hanwha Vision has launched the SolidEDGE camera – the first solid state drive-based camera (SSD) on the market with an embedded Wisenet WAVE VMS server. 

There are two models in the range – the PNV-A6081R-E1T and PNV-A6081R-E2T. Both eliminate the need for an external server. Both also remove the requirement for a cloud subscription to store video footage or high speed connectivity to upload video onto the cloud, leaving you in control of your data stored locally on-site.

A server-less solution

The SolidEDGE camera runs the Wisenet WAVE VMS on the edge, which means it is a true server-less solution. It meets the growing need for a more efficient and cost-effective solution that ensures security and safety, without the need for a costly and space consuming server. This innovative system does not require scheduling OS and security updates like Windows servers running VMS do. This makes the camera particularly attractive for remote installations where there is no room for a server or NVR, for example, around ATMs, solar farms, electricity substations, level crossings, bus stations and small independent shops.

Remote access and management

As this camera comes equipped with cloud video management using Wisenet WAVE Sync, users can remotely access and manage the surveillance system from anywhere, using the Wisenet WAVE Mobile App. Video footage and data can be managed on-premise and from the cloud, with users able to customise their surveillance system to their specific needs with ease.

Reliability and security

The camera runs on the embedded Linux operating system with a powerful hardware system on the edge. The built-in rugged industrial-grade SSD provides additional benefits over traditional surveillance systems, making the system more reliable and recorded video more secure, as there is no need to stream video on the network between the camera and the recording server or cloud service. Because the SSD hosts the recording of video, database, and WAVE installation files, it ensures any incident is captured without delay.

Additional cameras

Each SolidEDGE camera can connect with up to five additional Hanwha cameras or third-party ONVIF conformant cameras (three with AI-enabled), enabling organisations to easily expand their surveillance systems as requirements evolve. This brings the total number of cameras per SolidEDGE system to six and offers a more customisable and flexible system structure.

Storage options

The SolidEDGE camera comes with two storage options, with the PNV-A6081R-E1T model having 1TB SSD storage and the PNV-A6081R-E2T model having 2TB SSD storage. This saves on costs, space and maintenance time. The built-in SSD drive offers reliable video storage within a wide range of operating temperatures. Operators are given further peace of mind with SSD Status Management which provides information on the health of the SSD drive.

Hard-wearing design

Additionally, the SolidEDGE camera has been designed with reinforced durability features including metal-shielded RJ-45 terminal and enhanced grounding frame structures that protect the camera from transient voltage. There is a built-in air vent that provides water vapour control to prevent condensation, and the hard-coated dome bubble covering the camera also provides better resistance to scratches.

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