Havells-Sylvania announces Lumiance ambitions

Havells-Sylvania announces Lumiance ambitions

Matt Carpenter, strategic business unit director at Havells-Sylvania, has announced ambitious growth plans and significant financial investment for the Lumiance brand in the UK.

Built on the transition to solid state technology that is currently revolutionising the world wide lighting market, Lumiance has brought to market a range of new LED solutions with the stated aim of doubling the size of turnover for this business segment, while expanding the Lumiance brand beyond its core base.

‘At a time when many in the lighting industry are cutting back it is with great pride that I can announce not only our financial investment in Lumiance, but also a great range of new LED products,’ said Matt Carpenter.

‘These products build on the traditional strengths associated with the Lumiance brand – ease-of-installation, build quality and reliability – while harnessing the power and scope of solid state technology to set the bench mark for affordable lighting solutions in the UK, Europe and beyond.’

Since its founding in Holland in 1934, Lumiance has built up a strong network of distribution partners for the electrical contractor channel. The company has significant market presence in Benelux, France and Scandinavia borne out by it earning the soubriquet ‘The Contractors’ Choice’ across these territories.

Acquired by Havells-Sylvania in 2007, the brand is now under the Havells Group umbrella where it has access to the investment and R&D resource that is needed to grow Lumiance market share in the UK contractor channel.

‘We believe there are significant market prospects for Lumiance in the UK,’ added Matt Carpenter. ‘Our investment in Lumiance is not for the short term, we are here to build the brand into a market leading position and, indeed, to become the contractor’s choice in the UK too.’

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