Heatrae Considers True Cost Of Specification Delays In Healthcare

Heatrae Considers True Cost Of Specification Delays In Healthcare

Heatrae Sadia has worked closely with specifiers to design and supply hot water systems for several NHS and private healthcare facilities to meet demand created by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“From the moment the lockdown began in the UK, extraordinary measures were taken to build and extend healthcare facilities in record time. With this came the essential need for effective and compliant hot water solutions to be specified, designed and installed rapidly,” says Simon Russell, National Sales Manager at Heatrae Sadia.

“Our specification support team were proactively involved from the outset and saw first-hand how consultants, building contractors and suppliers all pulled together to keep going even under considerable pressure and time constraints. Liaising closely with Heatrae Sadia’s manufacturing lines to swiftly adapt production, it was paramount to ensure product was available immediately.  Moving forward, it is important that long-term plans are made to strengthen struggling supply chains.

“The true cost of specification delays is not just a monetary one. In the healthcare sector, a minor delay in one small aspect of the project can result in a facility not being able to open and lives could be potentially lost as a result. This is why Heatrae Sadia welcomes The Construction Leadership Council’s efforts to draft a ‘Roadmap to Recovery’ for the whole building and construction industry in England.

“While consultation is in-progress with the Government to ‘restart, reset and reinvent’ the building and construction sector, the healthcare industry however, cannot wait.

“A recent survey by RIBA paints a picture of widespread project delays across the industry, with a staggering 90% of construction projects during COVID-19 being impacted by any or all parties within a construction team. This includes delays caused by product manufacturers and suppliers, and shows how the industry is struggling.  However, it simply can’t be at the expense of the NHS and other life-saving medical facilities,” he continues.

“As one of the key suppliers to numerous NHS Nightingale hospitals, care homes and private medical facilities during this time, Heatrae Sadia knows the importance of quick response time. Without access to reliable and hygienic hot water needed to sanitise hands and care for patients, facilities just cannot operate.

“What’s for certain is that to be ready to face the ongoing challenges presented by COVID-19, we all need to plan ahead and remain resilient to change. Heatrae Sadia will be investing in its supply chain in order to continue to meet the hot water specification demands for crucial healthcare projects.”

Heatrae Sadia has created a guide which covers the key points in hot water delivery, specifically in healthcare environments, which can be found here.

Click here for Heatrae Sadia’s Biomaster in Healthcare video for more information about preventing the spread of bacteria on hot water system touch points to reduce cross-contamination.

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