HellermannTyton introduces premium range of cast resin cable joints

Resin product

HellermannTyton has launched a premium line of cast resin cable joints in its RELICON brand.

The new line RELICON i-A Line premium SF armoured with PUR 33 Cast Resin (PUR33), is suitable for jointing a wide range of cables and has a variety of applications including industrial buildings, power supplies in the ground, outdoors and underwater, in cable ducts and on public and private networks.

The premium line features RELICON’s ‘Safe Filling’ technology. The transparent double-chamber resin mixing pouch and cable joints guarantee that the installer has constant visual control of the mixing and filling steps whilst avoiding contact with the cast resin. The PUR33 resin offers a patented colour change that ensures the mixing process is completed correctly so the joints can then be submerged immediately after casting.

As well as the mixing pouch, the cable joints come with cable connectors, constant force springs with straight ends to ensure easy installation and include all the necessary earth continuity parts.

Nathan Bennett, Product Manager for HellermannTyton says, “We are delighted to be extending our RELICON range to assist in jointing a range of cables including Steel Wired Armoured. Our premium line of cast resin joints will ensure that these cables can be installed easily and safely into a wide variety of industrial applications including building and construction, transport and rail.”

Cast resin joints are applied wherever cable and wiring connections are submersed or buried underground. As cast resin joints are exposed to high stress, the cured two-component cast resin delivers reliable long-term mechanical protection against external stressors as they are resistant to all environmental influences and are ecologically safe and suitable for long term applications.

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