Herts police put safety first

Hertfordshire Constabulary has signed up to a new agreement designed to keep emergency crews and the public safe near high voltage electrical equipment.

UK Power Networks created a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which sets out procedures and responsibilities for incidents involving electricity, to ensure safe working areas.

UK Power Networks recently reached a similar agreement with fire services and is now collaborating with police forces about adopting the same practices.

Kai Patel, head of health and safety at UK Power Networks, says: “The safety of members of the public and those responding to emergency situations involving our electrical assets is a priority for us.

“The Emergency Services have recognised the potentially lifesaving value of the MoU which shares dedicated contact numbers and establishes safe working protocols for interaction with our cables, overhead lines and equipment.

“The MoU helps ensure electrical assets can be made safe and the emergency services’ work can be carried out without delay. It shows the importance of effective communication and co-ordination built on an understanding of everyone’s respective roles around an incident.”

Superintendent Ken Townsend, Head of Hertfordshire Constabulary’s Force Communications Room, comments: “We are delighted to engage with UK Power Networks and sign up.

“We take every opportunity to protect our colleagues and the public from harm and the MoU does just that by keeping emergency crews and the public safe near high voltage electrical equipment.”

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