HiKOKI launches new Rotary Hammer Drill

HiKOKI launches new Rotary Hammer Drill

HiKOKI Power Tools has launched the DH40MEY2 SDS-max Rotary Hammer Drill, which the company believes will set new benchmarks for performance, comfort and safety in its class. With an impact energy of 9.2 Joules, this tool is designed to deliver fast, precise drilling and demolition work.

The DH40MEY2 is not just powerful, but also light – weighing just 6.5 kg – which significantly minimises user fatigue during extended use. It features an advanced User Vibration Protection system that maintains a low vibration level, dramatically enhancing operator comfort. Together with the Low Vibration Handle, this tool is engineered for optimal comfort and grip, ensuring maximum control and minimal strain.

Safety is paramount with the DH40MEY2, HiKOKI says. The Reactive Force Control technology is a critical safety feature that automatically stops the motor if the tool bit is suddenly overburdened. This intelligent mechanism prevents the twisting of the main unit and potential injuries, making it a safer choice for heavy-duty applications.

Constant speed control means the drill can deliver extra power to maintain speed under load while variable drilling speed settings allow users to adjust according to the task requirements. Developed with a brushless motor, the DH40MEY2 will stay stable even during voltage drops, and it’s fully compatible with engine generators. This feature ensures uninterrupted productivity, especially valuable for off-the-grid projects.

Available in two versions, the DH40MEY2J1Z 240V with side handle and injection case, and the DH40MEY2J2Z 110V, these tools are a must-have for professionals who want efficiency, durability and safety in their drilling and demolition operations.

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