Milestones reached in Histon power project

Histon power

Work is progressing rapidly in a power project designed to meet the future needs of homes and businesses across the Cambridge area.

UK Power Networks, which distributes electricity across London, the South East and East of England, has reached a set of major milestones in the £5 million upgrade.

The investment, launched last winter, has already seen new electrical equipment installed in Histon, including a third grid transformer to help boost capacity and ensure reliable supplies in parts of Cambridge and the surrounding area.

The project, which completes next year, has also safely introduced new modern switchgear equipment to the site which enables power cuts to be fixed remotely for customers.

A video capturing the work done by UK Power Networks on site to date partners Morrison Energy Services to date can be seen here:

Michael Falcone, Project Manager at UK Power Networks, says: “Cambridge is an ever-growing city and with the move towards more electric vehicles in the transition to net zero we recognise the need to cater for future growth by matching that expansion through investment in the network.

“The new transformer and switchboard are major new assets for the Histon site and will provide better resilience of power supplies to homes and businesses in and around Cambridge as the project moves towards completion next year.”

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