Hochiki reveals the next generation of its emergency lighting systems

Building upon the success of the FIREscape range launched in 2009, this new design brings with it a suite of new features and benefits driven by technology improvements and innovations in the R&D process.

FIREscape Nepto is BS 5266 compliant and, like its predecessor, is based around an addressable, emergency lighting control panel with self-contained LED-based luminaires and exit signs running on an extra-low operating voltage. And to ensure project continuity, the new system is backwards compatible with the existing panels and devices within the older FIREscape range.

FIREscape Nepto can continually self-test and monitor itself, making installation and maintenance of the new system quick, easy and less costly compared to centralised battery or mains-powered systems.

Another new development is a range of aesthetic enhancements and new recessed luminaire designs which negate the need for a recessing adaptor. These new recessed variants are available with both a standard and a high-power output.

Customers and end users will now benefit from reduced project install and ongoing maintenance costs as improvements have been made to the photometry, increasing the maximum spacing between luminaires, reducing the amount required in any one space. And battery life has increased from four to 10 years (dependent on system usage), reducing ongoing maintenance costs.

Scalability is a key feature of the FIREscape Nepto system. The range has been designed and configured so that control panels can be networked to protect large, multi-site complexes all from a central point of control. And for smaller projects, the new control panels are supplied with one 127 address line as standard, with the potential to achieve 254 addresses when upgraded to two lines, helping to make smaller systems more cost effective. Further to this, up to 12 panels can be directly networked together and operated from a single point, negating the need for a graphics package if it isn’t required.

The team behind the new design are also working on a cloud-based subscription service which is set to be released later this year. This service will enable remote access via internet enabled devices, providing system notifications and the ability to monitor and interrogate multiple client sites from anywhere in the world.

Robert Head, Commercial Project Manager for Hochiki Europe says, “The release of this new product from Hochiki is very exciting and builds on the success of our existing FIREscape range. I am particularly excited for the cloud-based service that is coming later this year. Our customers are going to benefit from a cost effective, fully compliant and cutting-edge emergency lighting technology that is second to none.”

The Hochiki Europe team will be hosting a webinar to run through the new features and benefits on 23 March, as well as attending the Fire Safety Event at the NEC 25-27 April, where they will be demonstrating the new FIREscape Nepto system.

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