How can electricians earn themselves a five-star review? 

Electricians that are tidy, professional, punctual, friendly and courteous have the best chance of earning themselves a five-star customer review, new research shows.

Electrical wholesaler ERF Electrical analysed 1,000 five-star Checkatrade reviews to discover the factors that make up an ‘excellent’ review. One in five customers (21%) gave top marks to those that cleaned up after themselves, with those living in Bristol valuing cleanliness above anything else.

In Liverpool, Glasgow and Leeds, residents are more likely than anywhere else to praise those that are ‘on-time’; in Liverpool, punctuality was mentioned in 25% of top reviews.

The research took into account 100 reviews across 10 major cities, which also included Birmingham, Edinburgh, Leicester, London, Nottingham and Sheffield. Tidiness and friendliness were among the top qualities mentioned in nine of the 10 cities.

The highest-ranked qualities, according to the percentage of reviews they appeared in, were:

  • Tidy/clean (21%)
  • Professional (20%)
  • Polite/courteous (20%)
  • On-time (18%)
  • Friendly (16%)
  • Reliable (10%)
  • Efficient (10%)
  • Helpful (7%)

The research also reveals that Leicester residents are most likely than anywhere else to praise those with good manners, with one in five (22%) of reviews mentioning the friendliness of an electrician.

Dave Haywood, business manager at ERF Electrical comments: “This research really highlights the service levels that customer expect from electrical installers. Those working in the industry can use this analysis to their advantage; are you doing any of these things, which you can be proud of, or is there anything you can improve?

“By focusing on these qualities and striving for the best possible customer service, electricians can give themselves the best chance of a glowing, five-star review.”

Other five-star reviews gave credit to electricians they deemed to be knowledgeable, trustworthy and respectful.

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