HandyPAT400 product upgrade from Martindale Electric

When it comes to testing portable appliances, the HPAT Series of portable appliance testers from Martindale Electric now includes the HPAT400 new update to its existing range, to enable both contractors and competent in-house personnel to quickly and safely verify the electrical safety of all types of appliances.

Easy to use, the HPAT400 from Martindale Electric is an affordable, battery powered PAT tester. Suitable for Class I and Class II appliances, the basic tester incorporates large PASS/FAIL indicators and simple connection instructions on the tester.

As well as performing a 500V insulation test, the HPAT400 now supports different test voltages of 250V and 500V.

Designed for testing appliances with surge protected circuits, such as sensitive IT equipment at 250V.

HPAT400 key features:

Easy to use
Simple one-button test selection to activate either a full Class I, Class II or lead test

Maximum portability
Lightweight, convenient battery powered, hand held PAT tester

Clearly illustrated
Connection diagrams are on the case, allowing users to begin immediately

Excellent visibility
High contrast backlit display ideal for low lit conditions

Test voltage at 500V or reduced to 250V. Download quick guide PDF

Simple PASS/FAIL indicators
Showing PASS/FAIL result on screen clearly without needing to evaluate values

Adaptor leads available enabling 110V appliance testing and equipment with three phase plugs

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