Hudson Contract highlights help for tradespeople during pandemic

Hudson Contract is highlighting the help and support available to tradespeople and their families suffering from mental health or financial problems during the pandemic.

The family-owned group is working with the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity to raise awareness of the charity’s vital activities throughout its wide industry network.

More than 2,500 construction SMEs trust Hudson to deliver audit contract and payroll services, bringing the business into direct contact with tens of thousands of subcontractors every week.

Hudson has published an advert for the Lighthouse Club’s Construction Industry Helpline on the back of 18,300 paper tax statements posted this week. The advert will be visible to a further 46,000 people on the company’s online subcontractor portal Hudson Connect.

The industry had an estimated 21,000 work-related cases of stress, anxiety or depression last year, according to the Health and Safety Executive. The sector has been singled out for a suicide rate three times the national average among UK males.

Ian Anfield, managing director of Hudson Contract, comments: “Everyone knows someone who is suffering from stress, anxiety or depression and financial problems are commonplace. The Covid crisis has exacerbated many of these issues with all of us having to operate through considerable challenges and uncertainty. In these times, it is so important that we raise awareness of the help and support that is available to everyone in our industry. We are proud to promote the excellent work of the Lighthouse Club.”

The helpline provides a 24/7 safety net for all construction workers and their families, offering advice on welfare and mental wellbeing, emergency financial aid and support on legal, tax and debt management matters. The app provides essential information and guidance on issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, anger and suicidal thoughts.

Bill Hill, chief executive of the Lighthouse Club, says: “Now, more than ever it is crucial that we let our construction community know how they can access the support they need. By providing proactive support at the front end, such as our Construction Industry Helpline app and a wide range of free training, we can help to prevent situations reaching crisis point. Our mission is that no construction worker or their family is alone in a crisis and Hudson is ensuring that we reach those that might need support.”

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